Deposits & Details
*All deposts are $500.00 USD (Cash or paypal accecpeted)
*All Deposits & all Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE
*If you place a deposit, you are guaranteed a puppy. If one is not avaliable from the current liter, you will recieve a puppy on the next liter. 
*We cannnot guarantee what sexes, colors, sizes we will get,. Deposits do not guarantee you a particular sex, color, size exc. however you can wait for the desired sex/ color
*Remaining balance is due at pickup (Cash or card only for local pickups) 
* If shipping the puppy, full balance must be paid in full & cleared, including all fees associated with flying. (Paypal, bank transfers are accecpted)
* Deposits are a 1st come 1st serve basis, picking order will determine when the deposit is placed. example: if you are the first to place a deposit on a liter, you will then have the first pick... and so on.
* Must Check with us to be sure we still have avaliable spots before sending over deposits. 
*Puppy must be picked at 8 weeks or shipped or we offer $25/Day room & boarding.

Giant Schnoodles


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xs mini goldendoodles 


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 mini goldendoodles


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micro teacup 



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