We are a small family Homestead & licensed Dog Kennel located in Hooper UT. 

We believe that breeding dogs is a science, not a hobby.  Alot goes into every single puppy, from all stages of: breeding, pregnancy, whelping, puppy socailization, ENS & more!  We put in so much time and work to be sure our pups have the best start to life possible.  We start by only breeding the highest quality parent dogs; they must have excellent health & Temperments,  be highly intelligent & have a remarkable appearance.

We raise our dogs as family, they are treated like family, high quality, TOP RATED  food, RAW BONES, & the highest quality Vitamins (NuVet Plus), TOP quality vet care & MORE

Our Dogs have 5 acres including ponds to swim and play in, pasture to run through the tall grass, shade to relax and sleep in, toys & lots of people to play and love on.  In addition to this, every dog has their own indoor/ourdoor kennel/room (that they are only in at night) this is heated, cooled, has fans, vents & is sanitized daily.

Every puppy is socialized from a young age, to make the best transition to their new families, they are fed TOP RATED quailty puppy food, they are in a clean, sanitized, safe enviorment  where they are with people, kids, dogs,  and exposed to other animals.  Pups are bathed, brushed, and clean. We keep all of our dogs & pups current on all shots & deworming at all times. We sanitized our property every other day to keep our dogs and pups in the best health possible. We limit the people who come and go to avoid exposure to sickness for our dogs. we include a health guarantee on every pup we breed and raise.  We believe that to have the best dog, it needs to have the best start to life.  This is what we strive to accomplish with every puppy, every day. 

We hope that you see all the hard work that has gone into your puppy. We hope that you have the best experience and share with your friends and family. Referrals are the best compliments as to how we are doing.  We hope you love your new addition to your family.