Welcome to Oakridge Kennel & Homestead

We pride ourself in breeding & raising extraordinary, high quality puppies. Bred to improve the breed, we breed for excellent health, outstanding temperments, the best personalities and a remarkable appearance. We stand behind every puppy, every pup comes with a health guarantee, lifetime support & more.


 Appointment ONLY

     -We dont have anyone out to meet pups until they are 8+ weeks old and ready to take home. 

   -Usually by the time pups are 8 weeks old they are spoken for/ reserved, those with deposits will come at 8 weeks old and pickup and take home their new family member. 

     -If we have pups unspoken for and they are 8+ wks old we can stetup serious appointments to come and meet/take home avaliable puppies.

   -We kindly ask you dont come unless prepared and ready to bring a puppy home with you when you come. We limit the people who come and go to keep our dogs and pups as healthy as possible (not obglitaed in any way to adopt one) we just want to know those coming and prepared and not just window shopping. This gives you assuranse that your puppy comes home happy and healthy.